What are essential oils?

What are essential oils? Essential oils are natural molecules that are extracted from plants, trees, flowers, seeds, stems, roots and other plant parts. They have very distinct smells and are often used in food preparation, beauty treatments, fragrances and health care treatment. Learn more.

Why use essential oils? Essential oils are powerful, natural and effective. When they are used appropriately they can have a powerful impact on your health. When used in combination with other types of treatment the benefits of essentials oils can be enhanced. However you want to ensure that the oils you get are CPTG (or certified pure therapeutic grade) because what you put in your body should be pure. The oils you get at your health food store are not guaranteed to be pure despite what they say on the labels because there is no regulating body for essential oils. Many oils are ‘cut’ with synthetic ingredients.

What is CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and where do I get them? CPTG oils are third party tested for purity and are guaranteed to be the 100% pure form of the oil. When an oil is therapeutic grade this means that the oil is safe for ingestion (unless otherwise stated). I purchase my oils from doTERRA, a company that only produces CPTG oils and is also interested in indigenous growth of the plants they source their oils from and also committed to developing the communities that harvest the plants.

How do I get essential oils that are CPTG? You can purchase your doTERRA essential oils in a wholesale or retail option. Purchasing wholesale allows you to save 25% on the cost of the oil with an added option of getting up to 30% back in free product each month. You can sign up for 1 year wholesale membership for $42CDN (concept similar to costco) or buy an enrollment kit (if you purchase an enrollment kit the fee is waived). You can sign up today online for more info or learn more here.