Are you looking to improve your health in a natural, safe and effective way? Homeopathy can provide the answers you are looking for!
  • Do you struggle with your health – maybe it’s something that keeps returning yearly or you just don’t feel well?
  • Maybe you have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, PCOS, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, asthma, myasthenia gravis, chronic pain or some other autoimmune disease?
  • Maybe you do not know what is wrong with you but you just feel unwell, are tired all the time, always feel bloated or cannot get rid of that stubborn skin condition?
  • Maybe it’s infertility, hormone imbalances, painful menses or hot flashes?
  • Do you suffer from recurrent headaches or migraines?
You name it…homeopathy can treat !
I specialize in treating chronic health issues including infertility and hormonal issues as well as autoimmune diseases and other chronic illnesses such as lyme’s or undiagnosed illnesses.

To book an appointment today or for a free 15 minute consultation to find out homeopathy can help you email rachel.vanhalteren@gmail.com.