Health Coaching

What is health coaching?

Heath coaching is a time-limited and collaborative relationship between a coach and a client that is focused on helping clients achieve their health goals. It is not about teaching or giving advice, but about facilitating and supporting clients make their dreams a reality. Coaches motivate, inspire, encourage and identify the gaps and barriers preventing clients from reaching the level of health and wellness they desire.

Why would you hire a health coach?

The first reason that comes to mind is “You’re stuck.” You might fall into any number of categories but the one thing you know is either 1) you don’t like the way you are currently managing your health or illness OR 2) you just don’t know what to do but you know that your health is not up to the standard that you would like. Either way, coaching can help you identify and achieve your health goals.


What does a health coach do?

A health coach listens to your concerns, reviews your medical/family health history and any medications you are taking and helps you to realize and achieve your health goals. A health coach will help you to explore different options for managing your health concerns and help you create a plan that is tailored to your individual needs and concerns. Over an agreed-upon period of time the coach and client will meet (usually via phone or skype) on a regular basis to discuss progress and barriers as they arise and create strategies to overcome and achieve health goals.

Why should you hire me to be your health coach?

Hiring me as your health coach has several advantages: With 8+ years working as a nurse and additional training in nutrition and homeopathy I have a extensive knowledge base and varied experience that enables me to support you on your health journey. I understand both the traditional and alternative medical systems and can help you navigate these systems to their maximum benefit as you seek to achieve health and wellness. Having struggled with my own health issues over several years I know how difficult the process can be in achieving the level of health you want and understand how to encourage you through the process.

What is the price of health coaching?

The cost of coaching is different depending on the frequency and length of our sessions. To find out more feel free to contact me!

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To the best you!

Rachel Van Halteren, BN (hon), RN, Hom, DHMHS, HN