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The Lie of Menopause: Why Women Do Not Have to Just “Suffer Through”

Menopause. That much hated period of a woman’s life that all women dread. From the night sweats to the hot flashes, from the mood swings and the insomnia, from the weight gain to the more personal issues, menopause is not an exciting time of life…and unfortunately it can last for years. Maybe your peri-menopausal or in the middle of full-blown menopause, but either way you have been told to anticipate some menopausal symptoms for a few years. You’ve been told it’s a cross you must bear and there’s no way around it. I‘m here to tell you – It’s NOT true! 

Menopause occurs for a variety of reasons (from a hysterectomy, cancer treatment, normal aging!) but the result is the same – your body stops its normal hormonal cycle – and voila! Menopausal symptoms! This hormonal imbalance not only affects you mentally, emotionally and physically, but it can be hard on your relationships. Who wants to suffer through that for years!?

Fortunately there is hope and women DO NOT NEED TO SUFFER THROUGH the symptoms of menopause.

Homeopathy, a gentle, effective and completely natural medicine has the power to stimulate your body to balance itself. Balance is key here, because hormonal imbalances are the reason for the symptoms you experience during peri-menopause and menopause. Working on the premise, “likes cures likes,” your symptoms are matched to a remedy which is then taken as needed.  Sometimes a remedy can be given just based on your menopausal symptoms alone but most beneficial and effective is when a remedy is matched to the whole person (including their symptoms). This kind of treatment (of the whole person) results in better health overall including improvement or complete amelioration of symptoms!! 

Case Studies in my Practice

Case 1:

Sarah, aged 52 would find herself soaked with sweat and having massive hot flashes during the day at work and at night which would rouse her from her sleep. She would turn bright red and speak sharply to anyone around her. She would walk around or sleep with an cold pack around her neck to alleviate the hot feelings but it did not help much. Her sweating was so bad she would have to change clothes at work because her top would be soaked. She complained of feeling worn out specifically in relation to caring to her family.

I prescribed a homeopathic remedy that matched her symptoms and she found that her hot flushes reduced and she would not wake up several times through the night. She was happier and less irritable. She did not return to the clinic.

Case 2:

Mary, aged 51 struggled with left ovary pain, palpitations and anxiety related to her family. Her menstruation was scanty and irregular. She had difficulty sleeping due to anxious thoughts. She had several other health complaints as well. Her disposition is mild and gentle.

I prescribed a homeopathic remedy that matched her symptoms. After a few weeks of treatment she found that some of her symptoms had improved. She continued to follow-up every 4-8 weeks for the following year and shared with me that, “The ganglion on my hand has disappeared.  My sinuses have cleared up.  My elbow tendinitis is gone.  My foot pain is gone, as is my ovary pain. I am not as tired.  I no longer get constipated.  I no longer get night sweats or heart palpitations. I spend a lot less on supplements.  It’s amazing to see how much homeopathy has helped.  Some of these conditions I have had for 30 years!  And now I can sleep better, I have less pain, and I am able to function well!” 

If you are interested in learning more about how homeopathy can help you through this difficult life stage email me to set up a free consultation or book an appointment at  Rachel.vanhalteren@gmail.com

You can also check out my website: www.edenhomeopathy.ca

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