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Treating Lyme Disease Naturally & Effectively

In the past few years there has been an increase in interest and concern related to the increased numbers of ticks being found in Ontario and the subsequent rise in the number of people being diagnosed with and treated for Lyme disease.

TicksIt is not only important that you become informed about how to reduce the risk of tick bites, how to remove a tick safely and effectively and how to identify symptoms of Lyme disease, but it just as important (if not more so!) that you are aware of how to treat Lyme disease. WHY? Because there are effective and natural ways to approach the treatment of Lyme disease besides the traditional root of antibiotic therapy.

The usual method of treatment for Lyme disease is a MINIMUM of 2 to 4 weeks of antibiotics. Of those who are treated, as many as 20% will experience residual effects of the illness, including symptoms of lingering joint pain and fatigue. Long term antibiotic treatment often leaves many people with a dizzying amount of side effects including chronic digestive issues and joint pain. The side effects of antibiotics themselves can be lifelong and life-changing and require further medication to manage these side effects.

Since Lyme disease can be so devastating on so many levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, affecting ability to work and manage family life) getting solutions that are the least damaging to your body and most effective in dealing with the disease symptoms itself is essential! Homeopathy is one such option capable of assessing your disease and symptoms and use homeopathic treatment to restore health.

Let’s take a step back here for a moment to fully grasp what I mean by that. It can often be quite difficult and a long-term experience to get a diagnosis of Lyme disease creating a complicated mess of symptoms. Once antibiotic treatment is started there are often so many symptoms that it can be difficult to determine which are the Lyme disease itself and which are side effects of antibiotic treatment. The beauty and power of homeopathy is that it does not require a diagnosis of Lyme disease (presence of antibodies against the bacteria B. burgdorferi) to effectively treat to restore health. This is because homeopathic treatment is based on your specific symptoms and by choosing a treatment that is based on those symptoms we actually treat the root cause of the disease. CONFUSING?! Yes. EFFECTIVE?! YES!! How incredible is it that you can get EFFECTIVE treatment that is individualized and effective, without the side effects of antibiotic therapy, (possibly without the need for a diagnosis)!? YES PLEASE!

There are 2 approaches to treating Lyme disease given how long you have had Lyme disease (or been exposed to the tick) and how ill you are.

  1. For someone who has just been bitten by a tick or recently identified the bulls-eye rash that can accompany a bite there is a very simple protocol that can be used. You can find a more info here. If you would like to receive direction from a homeopath on how to use this protocol you can book an appointment here.
  2. For someone who has been diagnosed with and has been dealing with chronic Lyme disease treatment is different and requires a trained homeopath to correctly chose an effective remedy. You can book an appointment or find out more info here.

A diagnosis of Lyme Disease does not mean a life-long sentence of fatigue, debility or pain. Your health can be restored!


Disclaimer: The point of this article is to educate and inform people about the management of Lyme disease from both an acute and chronic perspective. It is not intended to diagnose or treat yourself. Recommendation is given to schedule a consultation with a Registered Homeopath who is qualified to deal with your symptoms.

“The practice of Homeopathy is the assessment of body system disorders and
treatment using homeopathic techniques to promote, maintain and restore health.”


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