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Should you use essential oils? Helpful, harmful or hype?


I’m pretty certain that you have at some point heard of essential oils. Maybe you don’t know what they are exactly but you’ve definitely heard or read about them somewhere. Why? The essential oil industry is exploding because people are becoming a lot more interested in natural health solutions than turning first to their family doctor for prescription medication.

With the huge number of bloggers writing about them you can easily find free webinars and courses on how to use essential oils for pretty much anything – from health care (pregnancy to nausea, to skin issues, detoxification, ear infections to cancer) to cooking to cleaning!

Being an essential oil lover myself I highly recommend using essential oils for personal use as an effective natural option. Yes, they do have their limitations (as all things have their limitations), but because they are natural, have a history of being highly effective and powerful, I would highly recommend them. I strongly believe that every person should be given the tools they need to live healthy lives in more holistic and natural ways! Not only that, they are easy to use and easy to learn about!

Using essential oils is an empowering experience because not only do you get to learn about the healing things in nature but you also get to see how a choice you made for your health can actually work!

I’d like to give you 6 reasons why you should use essential oils:

  1. They work. It’s as simple as that. The research consistently shows that essential oils are powerful, natural options for a wide variety of health conditions (research). We all want an EFFECTIVE option when it comes to dealing with our health or managing our health issues. Obviously, like any kind of treatment they have their limitations and there are times when a doctor is needed…but if you are looking for a natural, DIY, effective option give them a try!
  2. They smell good. This may sound like a silly reason to you, but the fact is that, essential oils actually affect our mood which in turn affect our physical health! Diffuse different essential oils depending on your mood and you will find that your mood can quickly change! To learn more about the science behind this one you can watch this short clip:
  3. They are cost-effective. Some of the complaints I hear about essential oils is that they are expensive! However, I’d like to point out that a drop of peppermint essential oil is about 10 cents and the cost of a single prescription anti-acid pill can be up to 50 cents. So in fact, they are VERY cost-effective…and given that they also contain more active ingredients than the prescription medication, you are getting a bigger ‘bang for your buck’ (see #6).
  4. They are natural. Essential oils are from plants and they are extracted in a whole form rather than chemically broken down into different chemical constituents (unlike prescription drugs). Essential oils have been used effectively for centuries. I also believe that natural is best for our bodies if we are able to use them! When we start putting chemically derived and synthesized products in and on our body we have to worry a lot more about toxicity.
  5. They are POWERFUL! Did you know that lavender essential oil has over 205 active ingredients and advil only has 1? Did you also know that it is the active ingredients in a substance that have the power to change your health? When you are putting something natural in or on your body those other active ingredients have the power to work synergistically with each other giving you a more powerful experience. I also want to point out that one drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to drinking 28 cups of tea. That is some potent and powerful stuff! We all want something that is powerful (that works well) when we deal with health issues.
  6. They are empowering. I believe that everyone deserves and has the right to understand how they can improve their health. Because you can access essential oils and can get information on how to use them you can actually choose to invest in and affect your own health. Personally, there is nothing more empowering than knowing that you had the ability to impact change for yourself and your loved ones and you did it in a completely natural way!

There are a few important things to consider when purchasing essential oils:

  • Not every essential oil is the same quality. As there is no regulating or standardizing body for essential oils they can be ‘cut’ with other ingredients so they are not pure essential oils. This will in turn affect their quality and efficacy. You want to ensure that what you are putting in or on your body is safe and pure. The company I purchase my oils from is doTERRA. They are committed to producing essential oils that are third-party tested for purity and they are also committed to extracting oils in environmentally friendly and sustainable ways (CPTG – certified pure therapeutic grade).

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils? Are you interested in purchasing CPTG essential oils at wholesale prices? To get started with a kit of the basic essential oils which will start you on a natural health journey (or you can begin with the whole collection of oils which gives you the tools to overhaul your health) click here!

disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases or health concerns. This information is for educational purposes only.


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