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Do you really need a diagnosis to get treatment?

Do you really need a diagnosis to get treatment? This question is a very important question, if, like me, you struggle with health problems that no one is able to diagnosis…which in turn means that you are not getting the right treatment or else you are just managing your symptoms or just “hanging in there.” Maybe you’ve asked yourself the question, “Is it all in my head” or “Are these symptoms even real?” or think “I don’t really care about the diagnosis…I just want to feel better” or you are in the middle of the “I’m seeing every specialist I can because I cannot live like this forever.” If any of those statements or questions resonate with you…this article is written for you.

This article is written from a very personal place of struggle with health, unanswered questions, frustration with friends and families ‘good intentions’ as they gave me dietary suggestions, emotional ups and downs, loss of my job and independence and much more. I’m not going to share my whole story here; (if you want to read a little more about me you can check out my about the author section) Instead, I want to give you some HOPE.

Not only is it possible to get treatment for an undiagnosed illness but it is possible to get the RIGHT treatment that will actually cure and/or treat your illness or symptoms.

As a registered nurse with a background in emergency nursing I had plenty of exposure to the world of conventional medicine. But when that failed me I had to start looking elsewhere. This led me to read a lot about the link between food and health and I finally decided that nutrition seemed like the way to go. I’m not saying it didn’t help…but I felt frustrated because I was eating healthy and feeling a little better but I was still spending a ton of money on food, supplements and alternative health specialists to manage my flareups and I was like, “There is no way I want to eat like this the rest of my life. There has to be SOMETHING that gets to the root of my issues!”

Which led me to consider homeopathy. Aghhhh…yes….that misunderstood and totally confounding alternative medicine. For some crazy reason I just jumped right in and started studying it intensely. And I mean intensely – I decided to take the 3 year program and do it in less than a year. My nursing and nutrition background really helped lower my course load but it was still a really tough switch. I had to start thinking about health and the body from a very different perspective than I had ever before. But I think the thing that kept pushing me forward was that I was for the first time seeing a medicine that was not just treating symptoms but getting to the root of the problem by addressing the body in an entirely different and sensible way! I heard, read and saw case study after case study after case study and almost everyone was improving in some dramatic way – even those people with chronic, debilitating diseases. I saw that even auto-immune diseases were treatable (which seemed to be the category my symptoms fell into).

The best part of it was this: homeopathy did not require a diagnosis to treat me! This 200+ year old medicine only needed to understand me…which was incredibly relieving because I didn’t even understand what was going on with me! And on top of it all, it wasn’t difficult to take the treatments and it didn’t involve me radically changing my lifestyle.
What was required was a commitment to being open about myself, some pretty emotional stuff in my life and an increasing awareness of how my symptoms (that up to this point had no rhyme or reason and were completely life-altering and frustrating) and my body responded to things like heat, cold, weather, emotions, specific foods, pressure, etc.

Rather than seeing symptoms as “the problem” that needed to be fixed I learned to see my symptoms as my body’s personal expression of imbalance. They weren’t something that would need to be cut out or suppressed but something that I needed to pay more attention to (for a short period of time) so that my homeopath and I could figure out just what my body was telling me and then find a medicine that specifically targeted my body’s imbalances so that those symptoms would disappear PERMANENTLY.

My personal health struggles and experience with homeopathy have given me a passion to help others suffering from chronic diseases, undiagnosed illness and other diagnoses that have been coined “chronic, permanent or life-long.”

The journey to recovery is not only personal but it is possible. It doesn’t look the same for everyone but it is achievable. If you are interested in homeopathy as a treatment for yourself or a loved one or are curious about homeopathy and want to learn more you can check out my website www.edenhomeopathy.ca or contact me. I would love to be a part of your healing journey and seeing you living a healthier life!


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