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Kombucha without the fuss

I only tried kombucha for the first time 3 months ago and I was not impressed. However, when I took into consideration how much carbonated water I drank, the cost of all that carbonated water and the fact the carbonated beverages aren’t great for you, I figured I should give kombucha another try. The health… Continue reading Kombucha without the fuss

Essential Oils

Should you use essential oils? Helpful, harmful or hype?

6 I’m pretty certain that you have at some point heard of essential oils. Maybe you don’t know what they are exactly but you’ve definitely heard or read about them somewhere. Why? The essential oil industry is exploding because people are becoming a lot more interested in natural health solutions than turning first to their… Continue reading Should you use essential oils? Helpful, harmful or hype?


Do you really need a diagnosis to get treatment?

Do you really need a diagnosis to get treatment? This question is a very important question, if, like me, you struggle with health problems that no one is able to diagnosis…which in turn means that you are not getting the right treatment or else you are just managing your symptoms or just “hanging in there.”… Continue reading Do you really need a diagnosis to get treatment?

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Should you take Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is all the rage as a fat-burning, blood-sugar lowering, cancer-fighting, inflammation-reducing home remedy. Plus it is cheap, easily accessible and simple to take. Personally, I think the stuff tastes nasty, despite all the recommendations to sweeten with honey, or add cinnamon, (I mean, who likes to drink vinegar?) but I do… Continue reading Should you take Apple Cider Vinegar?

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The Intimacy of Immediacy: Healthy today

How many of you are familiar with the need to have something now? Maybe it’s fulfilling that craving for your favourite donut or your wish to loose 10 pounds NOW. Do you often wish you could be fit now, eat healthy now, get clear skin now,  be overall healthier today – without all the work?… Continue reading The Intimacy of Immediacy: Healthy today

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Is less more? The escape to minimalism.

With the release of the documentary ‘Minimalism’ in 2016 the idea of choosing to live minimally might be a tempting prospect for you. You are left with the feeling that you just might be happier if you have less. You might think that this is the answer to a stress-free, happier life! But does choosing… Continue reading Is less more? The escape to minimalism.


Choosing healthy options – Stress free!

Lost and confused in the natural health world?

Let me guess…you started the new year with the intention of losing weight, eating healthier or trying out natural options for your IBS, anxiety or acne and after your internet search you felt lost and overwhelmed by the number of websites or blogs with natural health information, not to mention the different types of healthy diets and exercise programs that are mentioned.

You are not alone!
The growing interest in alternative health and natural medicine has exploded in the last few years creating space for many people to start websites and blogs sharing their own experiences with natural remedies or offering advice or information on many healthy options. From naturopathy to homeopathy, essential oils to herbs, yoga to pilates, kombucha to probiotics , GMO foods to organic foods, the DASH diet to the Mediterranean diet you might be left with a single question: Which diet do I choose? Where do I start?
Or which option will be the most beneficial to me?

As a health professional I feel the same overwhelm and want to assure you that this a completely normal reaction!

I’d like to offer a few suggestions about how to approach all this information so that you can choose not only what is best for you but ALSO that which meets your health needs and concerns!

1. You have options! The best part of having so much access to so many different natural therapies gives you with the ability to choose which one suits your budget, your lifestyle and your level of interest and ability. You aren’t stuck with only one option or limited by a lack of knowledge. This gives you the freedom and power to be your own advocate about how you want to approach your health and lifestyle situation.

2. You can keep learning! Not only does so much information mean you can grow your own awareness of different ways to deal with your health issue but it also empowers you! You get to learn about your own body and how it responds to things. In addition, your continued learning slows aging and can reduce your risk for dementia.

3. Be open minded. You may come across something that you never considered as something you would ever try but it seems to address your problem in a way that might offer better solutions than you ever thought before! The world of natural health requires an open-mindedness and willingness to ask yourself hard questions and see your body’s functioning in a new way. Parts of yourself or emotions you were not aware of may come up – but don’t be afraid to acknowledge that they exist! The beauty of natural health is that it is holistic – that is, it sees you as a whole person, made up of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

4. Learn from the best! Choose to read websites or blogs from authorities in their field or from websites that have health authorities write for them. This is a really important part of the equation when choosing natural options. Because you have so much access to so many different supplements, diets and therapies it is essential that you choose to read someone who knows how to address your health concerns. Sure, read blogs about people’s experience trying essential oils or their experience with acupunture, but at the end of the day, remember that they are unable to speak to your specific health needs in a way that is suited to your health conditions.

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes….because you will! You will find that the exercise program you chose was to difficult for your level of fitness or that the diet you chose was not within your budget. View these as learning opportunities and even as triumphs! Why? Because in those moments you learn just a bit more about yourself. You see the areas
where you can grow and now you can set new goals again.

Starting a new year is often a time when you will be doing more research into ways to improve your health natural. You will have many questions arise as you do research.
To those questions I say this: Become informed. From there you can decide which options best resonates with you and how you think. I encourage you to be open to new ways of thinking because all them have some benefit! This is why they have been around for years.
When you start taking control of your own health and increasing your knowledge you will find that it isn’t as difficult as you thought!

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